We ensure that people who work do not live in poverty





About us

Jane Addams Resource Corporation and Polaris MEP are joining forces to create pathways out of poverty in Rhode Island.


Programs and services

Free Training in CNC, Essentials of Manufacturing, and more!

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CNC, Essentials of Manufacturing, and more!

JARC RI's Careers in Manufacturing Programs provide free job training and job placement services that can help you find employment in the manufacturing sector with skills in Computer Numerical Control (CNC), Essentials of Manufacturing, and more! Don't just get a job. Get a career!

Support Services

We can support you for things like public benefits, Unemployment Insurance, transportation assistance, work gear, technology assistance, and more! We can also provide direct referrals for childcare, emergency shelter, mental health needs, or food pantries.


Job Placement

We provide job referrals to candidates successfully completing the training program with manufacturing opportunities in Rhode Island. 90% of JARC RI graduates are placed into full-time employment. We offer services even after placed into employment. This includes ongoing financial coaching, building savings and credit, working towards promotions or wage increases, and opportunities for additional training.